מה שאנשים אומרים ...

Our Jewish History tours of the Met were just fabulous and a highlight of our year! Nachliel Selavan, the educator who led the tours, is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and highly entertaining. He knows how to engage the students and keep their attention. Rather than the standard walk/lecture approach through the ancient history galleries, he employs fun and exciting interactive techniques like scavenger hunts, riddles, jokes and more to get students (and teachers too!) to be active participants and learners during the tours.
The tour brings so much of what we study in class to life. Our curriculum in ancient Jewish history covers the Greco-Roman period and seeing that culture vividly depicted and explained immeasurably enhances our curriculum and contribute to a greater appreciation of our history.
I cannot recommend these tours highly enough!

Mrs. Miriam Wielgus

Jewish History Chair, Joel Braverman Yeshivah of Flatbush High School

This guy is incredibly diverse. A painter, archeology expert, “chazzan”, Torah scholar and more.
I had seen all the media buzz about his tour at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York but didn’t really know what to expect. But as he presented his lecture “A Winter's Tale”, I was blown away by how he masterfully weaved ancient archeology and history with sources from all over the Torah. One second he’s talking about Athena and the fascinating influence she had over the Founding Fathers of this country and the next second he’s talking about the “spiritual maturation” that took place in the conversations between Queen Esther and Mordechai in the story of Purim. It didn’t surprise me that he received a resounding applause from all who were there.
I’m proud to say that if you’re the least bit interested in ancient Israel, archeology or the Jewish story as expressed through art history , you should head to his website or Facebook page and book a tour with him ASAP:
P.S. He didn’t pay me a cent or even ask me to say any of this. But I’m just so bored of people who are showboaters and this guy has this “quiet charisma” that I truly admire!

Rabbi Levi Welton

Lincoln Park Jewish Center, Yonkers, NY

Dear Nachliel,
On behalf of the community of Magen Avot I would like to send my enormous thanks to you for giving your time to bring the fascinating and inspiring virtual tour of the Four Kingdoms into our homes. It was a most interesting talk and visual experience that was thought provoking, exciting and very much enjoyed by all. We wish you much Hatzlacha in everything you do and hope that you will consider further talks or perhaps even visiting us in the future.
With very best wishes
Rabbi Kenigsberg
for and on behalf of Magen Avot, London

Rabbi Kenigsberg

Congregation Magen Avot, London

I am happy to highly recommend Nachliel’s Tour to anyone who would like to learn and understand our past and our biblical history. Our family joined his Avraham’s Journey tour in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The kids were enthralled and the stories from the Torah came alive. It is important to understand that the stories of the Torah are true and happened. These tours go a long way in helping the participants visualize our history.

I highly recommend Torah Intermedia for students and families of all ages! May you be blessed to keep sharing your light and knowledge with the world. Warmly,

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Founder, Shabbat.com

For kids participating in the Chidon Ha’Tanach who had spent their entire year immersed in dozens of chapters of Tanach, the Tanach Tour conducted by Nachliel was the perfect experience. He brought the texts that they had learned to life in an entirely new way. Students loved the energy in and excitement he brought to the tour. We’re excited to continue to partner with his Tanach Tours in the future!”

Dovi Nadel

Coordinator, National Bible Contest
The Jewish Agency for Israe

Nachliel knows his stuff…he can create a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Met. A deep, impressive dive into Jewish History. Dive in!

Rabbi David Fohrman

Founder, AlephBeta.org

I had the pleasure of attending 2 amazing tours with Nachliel these past couple of months (April 2019).
First, was a daytime tour I worked with Nachliel to organize as part of a series exploring Art & Idolatry in the ancient world. We explored the strange and fascinating world of the Ancient Near East, and Greco-Roman period through the eyes of Torah and our tradition. We revisited Torah verses we thought we knew, and watched them take shape in front of our eyes at the Met. We left with a deeper understanding of our ancestor’s struggles, and a greater insight into our history.
After that tour, I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable way for my family to spend Hol Hamoed Pesah than with Nachliel at his “Leaving Egypt without leaving New York” kids-tour at the Met. From the moment we arrived our kids were engaged and excited to learn, carrying their crayons and clipboards ready to accomplish their missions. Through non-stop fun Nachliel kept the kids (and adults) hooked! We were fully immersed in ancient Egyptian culture, and were naturally questioning what effect it had on us now, and over 3,000 years ago. From the Nile River, to mummies, to the history of bread-making, we experienced Egyptian life and what it meant to be free from it on Pesah!

Nachliel’s talent and knowledge is such a gift to experience, I’m looking forward to the next tour!

Aimee Bailey

Sephardic Community Alliance Board membe

It was my pleasure to share in the tour of guide Nachliel Selavan at the Israel museum. The rooms of archeology brought us into the Phoenician, Mycenaean and Roman periods…Nachliel was quite versed in the archeological finds. We journeyed through cultures, lands and peoples with the interplays and interpretations and influences on each other and into the future.

Nachliel’s well chosen words, exciting introductions and historic connections brought us into the first and second temple periods with great grandeur in architecture, coloration of Hadrian times he sprung us into the future..the influences architecturally build on today’s interpretations and springboard me back to my Boston MFA days of doing classical tours and directing many programs as chairman of the gallery instructors…

So, I thank Nachliel Selavan for his creativity and his royal tour.

Miriam F. Teplow

Former Chairman of Gallery Instructors at the Boston MFA

I brought a group of middle school students who had spend the last year studying for the Chidon HaTanach to New York for the national finals…I had presumed that a tour built for middle school students would not be interesting for adults. Nachliel however was able to build an amazing tour that both provided for students and adults on differing levels at the same time. He provided different source packets for different levels and was truly well prepared for the situation.
My students at first were not keen on the idea of a tour and really just wanted to hang out in NYC. Nachliel was able to engage them so well that they enjoyed the tour and learned so much from the experience that it built vast discussion over Shabbat over what we had seen and its relevance to Tanach.
I highly recommend taking a tour with Nachliel and look forward to my next opportunity to do so.

Rabbi James Williams

Youth Director
Young Israel of Hollywood & Fort Lauderdal

Our Synagogue organized a private tour of the Met with Nachliel’s Torah Intermedia as a Hanukkah synagogue outing, and I must say that the tour was fantastic. Nachliel is as knowledgeable as he is entertaining, and he seems to know the museum like the back of his hand. Our tour was Hanukkah-themed, and was well attended and well liked. I would certainly recommend the tour to synagogue leaders looking for a creative synagogue event, and to families seeking to engage their children in exciting conversations about Jewish History. I can say that the tour brought History to life, and provided important context for better understanding the era in which the Hanukkah miracle took place. I would certainly hire Nachliel for future events, and would recommend the tours to anyone.

Rabbi Mimon Mamane

Associate Rabbi Congregation Magen David of Manhattan

We had the privilege to join Nachliel’s exciting guided tour at the Metropolitan Museum, which dealt with Ancient Egypt in advance of Pesach. Nachliel connected between the archaeological artifact and the Exodus story in a professional and exciting way, while displaying impressive scientific, historic and archaeological background knowledge, and fluency in Tanach and Talmudic literature. Nachliel did it with a unique sweetness, engaging the crowd and adapting the content to the various age groups. The tour for us was a wonderful and innovative preparation, and thought-provoking; in advance of the Passover holiday.

Rabbi Baruch Gigi and Rabbi Amnon Bazak

Yeshivat Har Etzion

….although the goal of Met is to present art and not teach history, history is there for us especially with the right guide. We were lucky to have with us Nachliel Selavan
…our tour was focused on the four kings, we took many tangents beginning with tracing Abraham’s journey from Ur Kasdim to Haran and down into Canaan to Egypt and back. We traced the steps of the fleeing prophet Jonah from Israel to Tarshish and back across the fertile crescent to Ninveh. We stood in the corridor of an Assyrian throne room experiencing what the Jewish kings must have felt during the time of Sennacherib. And then we began our journey in the world of Nebuchadnezzar who insisted that his name be everywhere trying to imagine his world and our people in their first exile…We moved from Babylon to Shushan, seeing a palace larger than we ever imagined and understanding how a party could go on for six months…We traveled to Macedonia with King Philip II and then saw how Alexander the Great conquered and changed the world…We saw the beauty of Yefet. We saw that which influenced us and undoubtedly influenced our ancestors leading to a civil was which culminated in Hanukah…We met with Nero, Vespasian and Titus discussing the Talmud’s stories of them. We heard how the Torah was saved by Rabbi Yochana Zakai and how the oral Torah was saved through Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi and Antoninus his friend and Caesar and we discussed who the Antoninus of the Talmud may have really been. It was truly a journey through the four kingdoms and one I will continue to explore…

Rabbi David Bibi

Senior Rabbi Benai Asher of Long Beach Resident Scholar Edmond J. Safra Synagogue Manhattan

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