Art and Idolatry

הסיור הציבורי הבא (37 ₪ )

Art and Idolatry explores major themes in human development, psychology and society.
This program examines the roots and roles of ritual and mythologies, how they contribute to the development of societies around beliefs, starting with the early roots of humanity through the Ancient Near East, all the way to the Greek and Roman world. Finally, it examines the role of iconoclasm in Jewish thought, as it relates to these developments.
The tour is highly customizeable and depends on the available collections in each museum.

Option for a lecture as preparation for the tour, with discount on tour.

קהל יעד:

Adults and community events. No prior knowledge needed

קשר לנושאים בהוראה

Maimonides (Rambam) Laws of Idolatry; Philosophical issues; Avoda Zara.

Early civilizations and ancient world history; mythology and religion.

משך הסיור

לכל פנייה ספציפית, הזמנת הסיור באופן פרטי, כל על עניין:

~2 hours

טווח מחירים לסיור פרטי


Our group had been studying rabbinic materials about idolatry and Nachliel helped bring those issues to life through the Met’s collections. His comfort both with the ancient and classic sculpture we looked at as well as his fluency in Bible and rabbinic literature were terrific!

Rabbi Ethan Tucker

Rosh Yeshiva, Hadar Institute (formerly Mechon Hadar), New York

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