Monthly Mystery Museum Tour

הסיור הציבורי הבא (37 ₪ )

Monthly Mystery Museum Tour is a surprise every time. We go to museums around the world, sometimes several in one tour, and weave an exciting story full of discovery, history and fun.

Sometimes we will visit a museum you know, but an exhibition or gallery with something less familiar.

If you are adventurous, this is the tour for you!

קהל יעד:

Community and adult learning. Adventurers.

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משך הסיור

לכל פנייה ספציפית, הזמנת הסיור באופן פרטי, כל על עניין:

טווח מחירים לסיור פרטי


Our group had been studying rabbinic materials about idolatry and Nachliel helped bring those issues to life through the Met’s collections. His comfort both with the ancient and classic sculpture we looked at as well as his fluency in Bible and rabbinic literature were terrific!

Rabbi Ethan Tucker

Rosh Yeshiva, Hadar Institute (formerly Mechon Hadar), New York

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