Theme Tour

הסיור הציבורי הבא (37 ₪ )

קהל יעד:

General audience, families, and people looking for an exciting museum experience. Prior knowledge requirements depend on the selected theme, background information usually provided on site

קשר לנושאים בהוראה

משך הסיור

לכל פנייה ספציפית, הזמנת הסיור באופן פרטי, כל על עניין:

טווח מחירים לסיור פרטי


Thank you so much for an incredible tour of Ancient Greece at the Met! The tour aligned perfectly with our 9th grade unit on Greek Mythology and Greek Tragedy, and deepened our students’ learning on the subject. Nachliel was extremely knowledgable, interactive, and moulded the tour based specifically on the needs of the students. We will definitely be organizing another tour next year!

Mrs. Rachel R. Harari

Department Chair, English Language Arts
Magen David Yeshivah – Joe & Celia Esses High School

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