Worlds in Transition

הסיור הציבורי הבא (37 ₪ )

The Late Roman and Byzantine Periods - from the 1st century BCE until the 7th century CE - saw many important developments in the Land of Israel.

This is a period of important spiritual and literary developments: The Sanhedrin in Yavneh, the Mishnah, Talmud Midrash and Piyyut (liturgy), and the consolidation of the Synagogue's architecture and Jewish symbols. Many of these developments have endured the next 2,000 years of Jewish history, and have inspired generations of Jewish artists until today.

קהל יעד:

Schools, community, general audience. Very relevant for Jewish middle school and high school curriculum

קשר לנושאים בהוראה

Destruction of Second Temple; Yavneh; Rabbi Yehuda haNassi; Mishnah and Talmud; Synagogues and Jewish Iconography.

The Roman Empire; The Five Good Emperors; Byzatine Empire; Christianity and Judaism in Israel

משך הסיור

לכל פנייה ספציפית, הזמנת הסיור באופן פרטי, כל על עניין:

~2 hours

טווח מחירים לסיור פרטי


Our Jewish History tours of the Met were just fabulous and a highlight of our year! Nachliel Selavan, the educator who led the tours, is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and highly entertaining. He knows how to engage the students and keep their attention...I cannot recommend these tours highly enough!

Mrs. Miriam Wielgus

Jewish History Chair, Joel Braverman Yeshivah of Flatbush High School

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